Adagma IT Solutions is a company based in North London who specialise in providing professional IT support services to small start-up organisations through to medium sized businesses in both the private and public sector.

We currently provide professional IT support services to all levels of businesses, so whether you are a one man band or a city based medium sized organisation then we can help.

Our Services page will give you an overview on what we can offer and with an indicative idea of the type of Support services we can provide. If you are looking for answers to solve your problems then we are here to provide you with Solutions that are tailored to your business and budget.

Adagma IT focus on providing IT support services to businesses who require either a new IT Infrastructure or improvements to their existing Infrastructure by creating new or improving on existing hardware configuration and through evaluating working practices, on-going training and systems support.

Adagma IT Solutions believe that each Client is unique and so this is why we pride ourselves on getting to know you and your business to enable us to provide you with the best services and products we have to offer.